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Top 5 Best Electronic Signature Tools To Boost Your Business

2021-05-11 15:47:19 • by Jason Will

Gone are the days of dusty papers and physical documents. E signatures have revolutionized the daily processes and created a feasible way to sign documents. With three simple steps, you can get the essential and critical papers signed for your organization.

Step 1: Mail your document to the signer
Step 2: Wait for them to sign it digitally
Step 3: Receive the signed document.

Easy right? The world is shifting towards a digital age. Time is the most valuable asset in a business. Electronic signature services save time and increase the practicality in the document signing process. The list below provides 5 best electronic signature apps that are absolutely essential for running a successful business.

#1. Wondershare Document Cloud

best electronic signature app

Wondershare Document Cloud is an electronic signature tool that offers up to 100 GB of cloud storage along with the feature of adding e-signatures to documents. Additionally, you can also edit and annotate PDFs, save them to the cloud storage for future use. Also, this electronic signature service enables you to create your digital signature using various methods.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Being a browser-based electronic signature tool, it can be accessed from all devices with any operating system. So, if you want a safe, secure and smooth online document experience, do try out Document Cloud.

  • This electronic signature free tool offers 100 GB of cloud storage
  • Easily accessible from any device
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Convenient e-signature process
  • It can be synced with your desktop via PDFelement
  • You have to pay for additional storage and unlimited documents
Subscription Pricing
  • Free Trial: $0/month
  • For individuals: $14.99 quarterly and $44.99 annually
  • For teams: $14.99 quarterly and $44.99 annually

#2. DocuSign

best electronic signature

DocuSign is another electronic signature platform that is designed to manage documents for a business or an organization. This is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that is made available to everyone on multiple types of devices.

The electronic signature services of this tools work when you upload a document, it is safely secured, and a unique hash code is allotted to this document. This hash code makes this one of the best electronic signature apps because if this code has tampered, the document is declared null and void.

DocuSign also provides additional features in their premium packages which include contract tracking, phone confirmation and background checks. This makes it one of the soundest electronic signature tool.

  • DocuSign has the most used and acclaimed electronic signature solutions. Encryption levels are highly accredited
  • This electronic signature tool allows you to automate your agreements in order to save your time and have a faster turnaround time for your papers
  • It uses AI to tracking each contract that has been sent out and received
  • It does not have a template menu from which documents designs could be selected. Hence, they have to be drafted from scratch
  • Mass sending option is not very refined, and not a lot of editing tools are provided
Subscription Pricing
  • Personal: $10/month
  • Standard: $25/month
  • Business Pro: $40/month

#3. signNow

electronic signature tool

SignNow is yet another electronic signature platform that has transformed the entire business community and their legal transactions. However, this electronic signature tool is distinct from others because it offers varied functionalities and more control to the users.

The reason it is touted as the best electronic signature tool is that it offers features such as mass send option, requesting an e-sign, prepare an e-sign signature document, and integrate with any of the major CRM systems in the market.

This electronic signature platform has a built-in option for working in teams and managing, tracking and storing all of your documents in a safe place digitally.

  • The entire system has a fresh and sleek design. It is very convenient to use for its consumers
  • It is comparatively cheaper as compared to other competitors with no compromise on functionality
  • It is effortless to integrate with the company's own or already built CRM systems.
  • The electronic signature services tend to crash and cause unnecessary delays
  • Some of the basic editing tools are not present in this electronic signature tool
Subscription Pricing
  • Free: Euro 0/month
  • Professional: 7 Euros/month
  • Business: 12 Euros/month

#4. SignRequest

electronic signature solutions

SignRequest is one of the best E signature services available in the market. It provides the opportunity to digitally sign legally binding contracts and documents in a secure way. Deliver your documents via e-mail and reduce the cost of printing and sending it through the mail. The best part about this service is its scalable nature. Use it for free and if you get too comfortable, just upgrade it to a premium version.


The platform of SignRequest is user friendly and can be mastered easily by a novice computer user. It provides streamless signature processing and helps accelerate the workflows by a larger factor. This electronic signature tool has an unpenetrable security feature that supports SSL-256 bit encryption making it safe to use for critical documents.


However, this electronic signature platform needs some basic improvements to elevate its level among the top 3 signature apps. Firstly, users must be able to upload several files instead of merging them into one document. The interface of the mobile app is sometimes an inconvenience to many users. SignRequest needs to make the mobile app user friendly for use.

Subscription Pricing

The pricing of this electronic signature platform is as follows:

  • Free Trial
  • Professional subscription for $8 per month
  • SME subscription for 20$ per month
  • Custom pricing for API and Enterprise

#5. Adobe Sign

electronic signature services

Adobe Sign is the best electronic signature app that can take your business to the next level. It helps in easing the workflow process and cuts down the cost of printing and using postal services to send critical documents. It includes a mobile app through which you can transfer and sign documents using your smart phone. Time is the most crucial aspect of a business; you can save time and energy using this simple electronic signature platform.

  • Easy to use
  • User-Friendly Interface on Mobile
  • Smooth workflow features
  • New forms take time in setting up
  • Late replies from training staff
Subscription Pricing
  • Free Trial: $0
  • Small Business 1-9 users: $2.99 per year
  • Enterprise: Quote Pricing

The paid tools mentioned above will make your business run effectively with a less margin of error. Organizations and business owners can highly benefit from using these free tools. Always make sure that the service you acquire has a high level of security so that the credibility of your business may be maintained. Take your time if you decide to go premium on any of these service, because some apps have a yearly subscription.

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