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Can I Use Free Document Signing for Official Business Contracts?

2021-05-11 15:45:39 • by Jason Will

In recent years, online signatures have become increasingly popular as more corporate executives choose drawing a signature online versus having to physically send and receive documents for signing. An e signature online service involves going online to sign a document. The task can be accomplished in a few minutes when you choose to online sign in PDF files such as agreements and contracts. This article shows you how to create and add electronic and digital signatures to official documents using a free e signature online service or use a desktop application for offline digital signature generation and use.

What is an Electronic Signature and How Does it Help?

An electronic signature can be generated using an online signature service or online signature solution. This signature can then be applied to official documents such as contracts, agreements, forms, notifications, and other documents that require a legally valid signature. The advantage here is that documents can be signed as well as sent for others to sign in just a few clicks, which means you can avoid printing out documents to sign or send to others to get their physical signatures.

But what is an electronic signature and how is it different from a digital signature?

An electronic signature is best understood by contrasting it with a digital signature. Both are similar but they serve different purposes. An electronic signature is intended for use on official files where the user needs to be authenticated. By contrast, a digital signature will not only authenticate the user but also protect the document from unauthorized modification after it has been signed. However, both types of virtual signatures are considered legal and binding on the signers and are used extensively in the world of business.

How to Create an e Signature in Wondershare Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud is easy to use because it requires no installation of local apps on your desktop or laptop. Simply open a browser window, visit the Document Cloud URL, and use your name and email ID to set up a free account. Once that’s done, follow the steps outlined here:

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. Create a signature by clicking your on-screen avatar on the top right and choose Signing Setting below that.

signing setting

2. In the new box that you see, click one of the options on your screen - type, draw, or upload - to create or import a new electronic signature. Save the file for future use.

document signing solutions

3. In the Home tab, click Upload Files to import PDFs for storage.

electronic contract signing

4. If you want to send a document for others to sign, use the Request Signatures or Bulk Send options. These allow you to collect signatures from other people on the same copy of a document, while the second option can be used to get individual signatures - one per copy of the file.

best free online document signing

5. Click Initiate below one of the options and start the signing process.

6. First, choose the file you want online signatures on. You can choose a file that’s already saved online or import one from your local drive.

7. Next, fill in all the details on the preparation page - add signers, set a signing sequence (order), add your own ID to the signing queue at the beginning or at the end, write a custom message, add your company logo, etc. Click Next when you finish.

free online document signing service

8. On the final document page, select each signer from the dropdown menu on the left panel and then drag the fields below that to their relevant place on the document on the right side.

best online document signing

9. Finally, click Send for Signature to send the email notifications to all signers on your list.

To sign the file, open the email notification you received and click the link. All signers can follow this process. Clicking the link will take you to the signature creation and submission page, where you can create or add an electronic signature and sign the document before hitting the Submit Signature button.

How to Create a Digital Signature in PDFelement for Windows

If you want to work offline, you can create a digital signature using the desktop PDF editor from Wondershare - PDFelement. On your PC, download and install the application from the official Wondershare PDFelement website and proceed with the steps outlined below:

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Fill forms and sign contracts

OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

1. Open a document and edit the file using the full suite of editing features. The software gives you full control over all the content and other elements in the file, including images, text, footers, headers, links, tables, graphs, charts, watermarks, page numbering, etc. You also have features like conversion, annotation, protection, organizing, optimization, text recognition, form filling and form management, and much more.

online document signing service

2. After editing the file to your satisfaction, click the Sign Document button under the Protect tab at the top.

free signing software

3. Click New ID in the pop-up window and then fill in all the details on the next pop-up. Save the signature and return to the first window, where you can choose your newly created digital signature (use the refresh button if you don’t see it) and click Sign to add it to the document. The signature can be moved around and positioned in the appropriate place before you save and export the file.

free pdf signing app

Wondershare has also launched a new Windows version of its desktop software called PDFlement Pro DC. In this version, Document Cloud access has been integrated into the desktop features. You can perform the following actions using the new PDFelement Pro DC:

Upload from Desktop to Cloud

best document signing app

When you finish editing a file, use the Share button and choose the option that says Wondershare Cloud. This will take you to a new browser window where your file will be uploaded to your Wondershare Document Cloud account. This automatically happens because your accounts are linked through your Wondershare ID, making the process very simple, convenient, and hassle-free.

Download from Cloud to Desktop

free document signing app

In the desktop application, click File and then Open. From the options, choose From Wondershare Cloud as your source folder. In the browser window, select your file and download it; it will open in PDFelement as an editable file.

Send Documents for E-Signing using Desktop and Cloud

free document signing

To send a document from your desktop, click Electronic Signature under the Protect tab. This will allow you to access the signing feature in Wondershare Document Cloud and upload the current document so you can prepare it for sending.


Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

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There are multiple ways to apply online signatures or a digital signature to a document using Wondershare’s products. Document Cloud gives you storage and signing options for electronic signature collection from multiple users by just using their email IDs. The older desktop version of PDFelement helps you create a digital signature to add to any document. The new Windows version, PDFelement Pro DC, lets you leverage the power of both the desktop application as well as the online signature to PDF service. As such, you have a range of options to choose from based on the needs of your company.

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