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The Best Free Online Contract Signing Platform

2021-05-11 15:45:33 • by Jason Will

Online contract signing simply means that you’re using a digital or electronic alternative to physically signing contracts and other official documents. According to the prevalent laws in most countries, electronic contract signing is legally valid and binding on the signers of the contract in question. You may find a good contract signing app on one of the app stores for mobile devices, but if you intend to use a signature tool online, ensure that it complies with global and local standards of authentication and reliability. Only a properly qualified signature tool can ensure that you are in full legal compliance when signing a contract in your country.

Wondershare Document Cloud with Electronic Online Contract Signing

Wondershare Document Cloud is a secure platform hosted on the cloud. It gives you free cloud storage as well as free online contract signing features for different types of requirements, including sales contracts, business agreements, forms for online submission, and other kinds of legal documentation. The online contract signature generated on this platform is an electronic signature. How does this differ from a digital signature?

When you e sign agreements, you are essentially putting a unique marker on those documents that authenticate you as the authorized signatory. For documents that require a more robust security solution, a digital signature is recommended because it captures an audit trail that prevents unauthorized modifications to the document in addition to being a way to add a signature. However, although electronic signatures do not require a digital certificate to authenticate them, they are equally valid from a legal standpoint. Therefore, both types can be used on official documents that are governed by local laws.

Create an eSignature and Send a Document to Others for Signing via Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud can be accessed through any modern browser on a device with an active Internet connection. Once you have set up a free Wondershare ID by registering your email ID, you can follow the process below to create an electronic contract signature and send it to others for signing:

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. To create your free online contract signature, select your avatar image on the top right and click on Signing Setting.

online contract signing

2. In the new window, choose one of the options provided. You can draw, type, or upload an existing signature.

free online contract signing

3. After saving the signature, go to the Home tab and click Upload Files to import your PDF contract file.

electronic contract signing

4. Next, go to the Sign tab and click the Initiate button under Request Signatures or Bulk Send. The first option is for multiple people to sign the same copy of the document. The second is to collect individual signatures of different people on different copies.

signature tool online

5. Now, choose the document from your cloud uploads - or choose a different one from your local drive.

6. Next, begin preparing the document for sending. You can add a security code, add signers’ email IDs or import a CSV, set a specific order for signing, include yourself in the list, add a custom message and company logo, etc. Click Next to proceed to the final step.

electronic contract signature

7. In this last step, drag and drop the required fields for each signer into their correct positions on the document. Finally, click Send for Signature to shoot the notification emails.

qualified signature

When the notification email is received by each signer, they can click the secure link to access the document, create their own electronic signature, and add it to the contract before submitting it back to you. You will be able to see the progress and track it on your Document Cloud dashboard. You can also sign the document using your email link, or else by clicking the Sign button against the contract in the Recent Document Activity list on the Home tab.

Create a Digital Signature after Editing a Contract

The desktop PDF editor from Wondershare is called PDFelement. Once you install it on your Windows PC or Mac computer, you can use it to edit files and create a digital signature to add to the files. To do this, download and install PDFelement, then follow the steps shown here:

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Fill forms and sign contracts

OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

1. Edit the file using the text and image editing features. You can also create PDFs from other source files, annotate them with notes, reorganize pages, merge/split files, perform OCR on scanned files, and even fill in forms.

contract signing app

2. Once you finish editing, save the file. Then, in the Protect tab, click Sign Document. This will open a new window on top of the application. Click New ID to trigger a new window where you can create a new digital signature by entering the information requested.

online contract signature

3. After saving the file, go back to the first pop-up window and refresh the list of signature IDs. Choose the one you created and click Sign on the bottom right of that window to apply the signature to the contract. Save the file again.

Using these steps, you can create a new digital signature and add it to your contracts and other official documents offline. However, if you upgrade to the latest PDFelement Pro DC, you’ll see that it has been integrated with Wondershare Document Cloud, allowing you to do several things:

1. You can upload an open local file to Document Cloud.

e sign agreement

For this, all you need to do is hit Share at the top of the PDFelement window and choose Wondershare Cloud as your destination for saving the file. It will be automatically uploaded to the cloud via your browser and you will see it under Recent Document Activity.

2. You can download a file from Document Cloud to PDFelement for editing.

open file from document cloud

In PDFelement, click the File menu and select Open, then choose From Document Cloud as the source folder. In the browser, you will see the documents listed. Click the three horizontal dots against the file name and choose Download.

3. You can send the current document from PDFelement to Document Cloud for others to sign.

send document for signature

For this, go to the Protect tab and click Electronic Signature, which will take you to the signature creation page in Document Cloud. Here, you can create your signature and add it to the document, which will be saved on the cloud and ready for you to prepare and send for signing.

Final Thoughts on Online Contract Signing

Wondershare Document Cloud and PDFelement Pro DC make an ideal combination for offline document editing and online contract signing. You get the best of desktop PDF editing software and the best of secure cloud storage and electronic online contract signing features as well.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

The bundle option for PDFelement Pro DC with a Wondershare Document Cloud subscription is an affordable and powerful alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, costing a fraction of what you would normally pay. In addition, it doesn’t require a lot of experience to use Wondershare’s applications, and the same can’t be said for Adobe apps, which are often complex because of the myriad of features offered. As a simple and affordable contract signing solution, Wondershare’s products are far more compelling than any of the competing platforms on the market today.

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