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How to Add a Signature to PDF on Mac without Downloading Anything

2021-05-11 15:46:55 • by Jason Will

Some people down like to download stuff on their Mac because they feel it slows down their system. Fair enough, but what if you need to add a signature to PDF on Mac and you don’t have anything for it? That’s easy enough, actually. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they already have a PDF signature Mac app loaded and ready to use! Let’s find out what that is.

Add Signature to PDF in Preview

Yes! The Preview app that comes with all Mac systems is actually a PDF tool as well as an image viewer. Although it is not a proper PDF editor in the sense that it cannot edit existing text, it can certainly help you view PDFs, annotate them, and even convert them into images and other formats. In addition, there is a PDF signature Mac feature hidden in those capabilities. Let’s show you how it’s done.

1. Open your PDF in Mac Preview

Launch the Preview app (Applications → Preview) and open the PDF document to be signed.

2. Click the icon for adding text with a pen

In the main menu bar, you’ll see a Pen icon. Click on that.

Once uploaded, you will be able to see the files listed under Recent Document Activity.

3. Click the Signature icon

In the toolbar right below that on the left side, you’ll see a signature icon with a dropdown option.

click signature icon in preview

Click that and choose one of three options - trackpad, camera (iSight), and iPhone - after selecting Create Signature.

4. Create your signature

create signature in preview

Using one of the options, create a signature. This will now be associated with your iCloud account so you can use it on any linked iDevice.

5. Apply the signature

To put the signature on the document, click the Signature icon again. This time, choose your saved signature.

apply signature in preview

You will see a floating box on the document with your signature in it. Position it at the right spot and change the size if you need to, then click to place it there. Once you add the signature to PDF preview it and save the file.

That’s it! The signature that you have created and applied is a digital signature and is legally binding in most countries.

The only problem with this method is that it is quite limited in scope. If you need to send a signature for others to sign, for instance, it can’t be done with Preview. But what if you still don’t want to download anything and clutter up your Mac? There’s a perfect solution for that.

How to Add Signature to PDF on Mac using Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based utility that you can use on your browser without having to install anything. It’s fast, convenient, and has an integrated electronic signature feature that is comprehensive enough for any business requirement. The platform itself is free to try out and you get 1GB of space for free in addition to being able to send documents for others’ signatures up to 5 times. If you need unlimited signature requests and 100GB of space, you can upgrade to the premium plan. Here’s how you can add signatures to PDF in Mac without installing anything.

1. Go to the Document Cloud website and use your Wondershare ID to log in.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free on this page.

add signature to pdf on mac

If you already use another Wondershare product like PDFelement for Mac or Dr. Fone for Mac, you can use the same ID to sign in here.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

2. Upload the PDF Document.

The next step is to click the Upload Files button so you can import the PDF file into the workflow.

uploading process completed

Once it is inside, you should be able to see it queued up in the Recent Document Activity section.

3. Initiate the signature request process.

Choose Signature Requests or Bulk Send - the first option can be used when you need several people to sign the same copy of a document, while the second will send one copy per person so you can get individual signatures.

add signature to pdf preview

Add the document to the queue from Document Cloud or your local memory, and set an access authentication password if you need to.

Add the signers’ email addresses for them to receive their signature request notifications. You can also add your own ID to the queue and define whether you will be the first or last one to sign the document. You can choose to set the signing order at this time as well.

set signing order

Next, add some branding (logo) to your email and write the subject line and email body if you want to customize it. The logo option is available for premium users only.

Click the Next button at the bottom.

4. Send the document for signature after adding the input fields.

You can add the fields by dragging them from the left panel and dropping them on the document where you want to place them. Fields include signature, title, date, company name, and custom fields that you can specify.

complete and send documents

When you’re done, click the Send for Signature button. This will add your document to the tracking queue that you can see on the home page. Once every signer finishes signing the file, you can click on the vertical ellipses next to the document name in Recent Document Activity and choose the Download option to save a soft copy of the file on your Mac’s local memory.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

As you can see, figuring out how to add a signature to PDF on Mac is quite easy if you choose Wondershare Document Cloud. The documents are secured in an enterprise-grade environment and are securely sent to signers for their signature. In addition, you can have all your confidential and private documents stored on the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere by any authorized user with a valid Wondershare account.

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