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How to Annotate PDF Online with a Robust Cloud Storage Solution

2021-05-12 10:34:10 • by Jason Will

PDF annotations are an integral part of any document workflow process, especially in a remote work environment where employees work from home in safety and comfort. However, when you take the process offline, it becomes a tedious task to stay on the same page when multiple collaborators are working on the same document. The best solution to annotate PDFs, therefore, is to use a robust online solution that offers three key services:

  • Secure PDF file storage
  • Easy sharing with secure, permission-based share links or email links
  • A feature to annotate PDF online free and instantly make it available to everyone

What is the Best Way to Annotate PDFs Online?

Yes, there are cloud storage solutions out there that can be used to share all types of files, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which also allow collaborative annotations. However, if you’re looking for the best way to annotate PDF documents online, this tool we’re highlighting today is the most affordable, secure, and collaborative platform for PDF workflows.

About Wondershare Document Cloud

The below steps explain how to save documents to cloud.

In addition to cloud storage, file sharing, and free PDF annotation online, the Wondershare Document Cloud platform is also integrated with an electronic signature solution that allows you to create e-signatures and send PDFs for others to sign - individually or collectively. The best part is that it offers a free tier with up to 1GB of storage and a sharing limit of 5 documents, which is more than enough to test the platform and use the annotate PDF online feature for free.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

The steps below outline the process of uploading a file to Wondershare Document Cloud and annotate PDFs directly on the cloud so other collaborators can view them.

1. Sign in to the Document Cloud portal using your Wondershare ID. You can easily set one up in a few seconds if you don’t have one.

login page

2. On the Home page, click the Upload Files button and import your PDFs to the cloud. As they are uploaded, you’ll see them in the Document tab or on the Home page under Recent Document Activity.

upload files to cloud

3. Next, in the Actions column against the corresponding PDF file, click the … expandable menu and choose Add Comment. You can now use the annotation tools in the main toolbar at the top to add notes, highlight content, and so on.

add comment button

How to Get Live Comments and Reviews by Sharing PDFs Online

Wondershare Document Cloud can also be used to get comments from other collaborators using the Share function. Similar to how you accessed the Add Comment feature, click the Share menu option, then follow this process below:

1. In the new pop-up window, you’ll see Link and Email on the left side. These are two ways to share a PDF file with others online and in a secure manner. Click one of the options.

share button

a. The Link option can be used to generate a Share Link. This link can have two permission levels - View Only and View and Comment. Choose the appropriate option and set a deadline for access to expire. This is important, so we’ll explain that in a bit. Click the Generate Link button and copy the link to share with others.

share file via link

b. The Email option has fields for a custom message and the email addresses of recipients. Populate these fields and set the other parameters before clicking the Send button.

share file via email

2. When the link or email recipient clicks the link, they will be taken to a login page on their browser. Once they sign in with their credentials, they will be able to view or view and comment on the shared PDF online using the annotation toolbar.

annotation tools

3. Any comments made by any of the collaborators will be publicly visible to others with viewing permissions. The document will be available for viewing until the deadline has passed, after which the link expires, thereby protecting your document from perpetual exposure.

Wondershare Document Cloud allows secure storage of files on the cloud while giving authorized users access to view them, comment on them, share them, and send documents for signing. As you can imagine, this greatly improves the productivity of your remote teams and speeds up document workflows because everyone sees the same version of the document as and when annotations are made.

Pro Tip: Annotate PDF Windows - The new PDFelement Pro DC is integrated with the cloud, which means you can annotate PDFs in Windows on the desktop PDF editor and directly upload the document to Document Cloud for better collaboration.

upload to cloud

Can I Annotate PDF Online Free with Wondershare Document Cloud?

Yes, absolutely! The free tier of Wondershare Document Cloud is meant to give you the full set of features on a limited basis so you can try it out and see for yourself how it can vastly improve your team’s efficiency. You get up to 1GB of storage space and you can send up to 5 document shares. You can also create templates and send documents for signing. Once you’re happy with the way it works, you can upgrade to a higher plan and deploy it to all the departments in your organization that extensively use PDF documents for their daily tasks.

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