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The Basics of Creating a Signature in Word

2021-05-11 15:47:40 • by Jason Will

E-signatures are the next new thing in this digital world. Businesses are always on the lookout for effective ways to reach the top, and going paperless is one of them. The only hurdle in shifting to electronic signatures is the process of creating and e-signing a document. This issue has also been resolved with the creation of tools that help to create an online signature in Word.

To create a signature for a Word document, you can either use Word itself or use an online tool like Wondershare Document Cloud. We will give you step-by-step instructions for both, starting with Word.

How to Create a Signature in Word

To create an e-signature in Word, simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Word Document

Open the Word document that needs to be signed. Next, click on “Text > Signature Lines > Microsoft Office Signature Line”.

create an e signature in word

A signature setup will pop up. You can fill in the details according to your requirements, and click on “Ok”.

create signature for word document

A signature line will then appear on the document.

create a signature in word

Step 2: Insert Signature

Click on “Insert > Picture” to upload a scanned picture of your signature on the document. If you have a touch screen option, you can hand-draw your signature into the box, as an alternative option. And that’s how you create a signature for a Word document.

How to Create a Signature Using Document Cloud

To create a signature in Word is an easy process, but if you’re looking for an online tool, where you can safely upload a document, create an e-signature, sign it and send it to others to obtain their electronic signatures, you can always go for Wondershare Document Cloud.

It is a trusted and reliable program, that allows you to handle all your official documents in a hassle-free way. It gives its users 100 GB of cloud storage, plus an e-signature feature. Also, as it is a browser-based tool, you can easily access it from any device, with any operating system, without any compatibility issues.

Step 1: Go to the Cloud Page

Open the Wondershare website and go to the cloud page by clicking on “To Cloud”.

to cloud button

Step 2: Upload Documents From the Local Device

Click on “Sign > Initiate” to choose the document from your local storage that needs to be signed.

click button to upload files

Step 3: Complete all the Required Information

Once you have selected the document that needs to be signed, you will be asked to complete the required information. Tick on “Set signing order” or “I need to sign the document” to request a signature from others and to sign the document yourself.

add signer email address

Step 4: Drag and Drop Information Fields

Now add signature fields and the other required fields, by dragging and dropping them on the document, so that the recipient can fill them upon receiving.

electronic signature

Step 5: Complete the Signature

Click on “Send for Signature” to send the document to the people whose signature you require. If you need to sign the document as well, you can sign the document through the direct link received through email.

create an online signature in word

To create an online signature in Word, you just need to follow the simple and easy steps mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also use Wondershare’s browser-based tool Document Cloud to electronically sign a document. These tools make the process of signing a document effortless and everyone can do it without getting into any sort of technicalities.

Electronic signatures are becoming widely common and one needs to adopt this changing trend to stay in the game. I hope our stepwise instructions to create a signature in Word and the process of signing a document via Document Cloud will help you in smoothly carrying out day-to-day transactions.

Jason Will

Jason Will

chief Editor

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