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How to eSign a PDF on the Cloud

2021-05-11 15:48:07 • by Jason Will

How do you eSign PDF files and why is it an important aspect of every modern business? The second part of that answer is quite simple: The ability to electronically sign PDF translates to tremendous cost and time savings. No more printing or sending documents via courier. Just open the file, apply a digital signature, save it, and send it. What used to take days can now take just a few seconds.

The first part of that question - how to eSign PDF for free from a Mac or Windows computer, or even mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices - is what we will talk about in this article.

How to eSign PDF using Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud is a unique cloud storage solution because it has an integrated e sign PDF software application where you can electronically sign PDF free, on the cloud. In other words, it’s an app to electronically sign PDFs which is built into the cloud storage platform. The sender can choose between the free plan and the paid plan, but all signers who are invited to add their signatures via email can use the service absolutely free of charge. The files stored in Document Cloud are secured with the latest enterprise-grade protection, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your business or personal information.

The steps below show you how to send a document to multiple users for their signatures using Wondershare Document Cloud.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. Go to the Document Cloud website and register a free account.

If you already have a Wondershare ID from another product like PDFelement, you can use the same one here. If not, it will take you just a few seconds to set up a fresh account.

esign pdf

The account is free to set up and you will have access to the free plan by default. This gives you 1GB of free storage space and a generous limit of 5 times for sending documents for signatures.

2. Upload the document from your local device.

You can upload the PDF file to be signed using any Internet-connected device with a modern browser.

upload files to esign pdf

To do this, click the Start Signing or Upload File button on the main page. The imported file will be listed in the Recent Document Activity section or in the Document tab that you will see at the top.

3. Begin the eSign PDF process by choosing one of the options.

You will see three options in the Sign tab. The first one can be used to get multiple signatures on a single document; the second is for individual signatures from multiple signers on their respective document copies; the third is to create a fresh template or choose an available one to prepare a new document for signing.

electronically esign pdf

To add the document for signing, simply click on the Initiate button under one of the first two options. If you’re using a template, the file will be available in Recent Document Activity once you save it, and then you can click Initiate.

app to electronically sign pdf

Click on the Document Cloud option on the left side to add the PDF file to the signing queue. You can also import a new document from your local device memory if required.

4. Set up the eSign PDF parameters.

You can first add an authentication feature, which will require all signers to enter a specific security code before they can view and sign the document. This provides added security in case the document reaches the wrong people.

add access authentication

Next, add signers’ email IDs to the list one by one or use the CSV import feature to add them in bulk. At this point, you can also set a specific signing order and choose if you want to be included in the signers’ list - either first or last.

set signing order

You can now add a custom message that the signers will see in the email notifications they receive.

Next, choose each signer on the left-side drops-down, then drag the required fields and drop them into the document. Do this for all signers in case you’re using the Request Signature feature.

drag and drop fields

Next, choose each signer on the left-side drops-down, then drag the required fields and drop them into the document. Do this for all signers in case you’re using the Request Signature feature. As a final step, click the Send for Signatures button to send out the email notifications.

5. Signers can click the link in the email and sign the document, then submit it.

Each recipient will get a link to the document where they will be able to fill in the fields and submit it back to you.

email request for signature

They will need to click the link, enter the security code if it has been set, sign the document and add all relevant fields, and hit the Submit Signature button at their end. They can eSign PDF free of charge. And the best part - they can eSign PDF on iPhone, Android devices, tablets, and any other device type.

fill in fields

After the document is signed by all the specified signers, it will move from Waiting to Completed in your Document Cloud dashboard. This is where you can track the progress of all documents that have been sent for signing.

completed tab

A Little Bit About PDFelement Pro with Document Cloud

PDFelement Pro DC is essentially an integration of two very powerful products from Wondershare. While Document Cloud provides the necessary tools to store your documents and send them for eSigning, PDFelement Pro gives you a full set of functions to manage your PDF files on desktop and mobile. This combination makes it a vital tool for any business. Essentially, you will be able to create, edit, merge, or split documents in PDFelement and then upload them to Document Cloud for storage and for the purpose of getting signatures from third parties. The process will work as follows:

1. Launch PDFelement on your computer and edit the file that needs to be signed.

You can edit images, text, watermarks, annotations, and any other element in your PDF file using PDFelement Pro.

edit pdf document by pdfelement

PDFelement Pro also allows you to convert to and from PDF, do OCR, manage forms, combine or split files, manage pages, etc. After you’re done creating or modifying the file, proceed to the next step.

2. Upload the PDF by saving it to Document Cloud.

You can now upload your prepared document to Document Cloud.

upload files to sign pdf

The uploaded document can be seen in the Recent Document Activity section.

Note: The Windows version of Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC is already integrated with Document Cloud, which means you can directly save an open document to your cloud account.

upload current file to cloud via pdfelement

3. Start the eSign PDF process from PDFelement Pro

You can directly use the Sign tab and select the Electronic Signature button in PDFelement Pro to begin the signing process. In the Windows version, clicking the button will take you to Document Cloud, where you can follow the signing process described above. This integration between desktop and cloud lets you work seamlessly across both platforms, thereby enhancing your productivity and boosting your efficiency.

On other devices, you can use Document Cloud on a browser tab and follow the remainder of the eSigning process as described in the previous section.

To Summarize

The eSign PDF process is extremely simple now that you have the right tools for the job. Whether you’re sending a ready document for signing or creating one from scratch, the combination of PDFelement Pro and DC will quickly become an essential part of your document workflows, contract management, and other business-critical areas. The paid plan gives you up to 100GB of storage space on the cloud and there are no limits to how many times you can send documents for signatures. It is also much more cost-effective than paying for a dedicated eSignature service and paying separately for cloud storage.

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