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Is it Easy to Insert a Signature in PDF? What Tools Do I Need?

2021-05-11 15:45:20 • by Jason Will

When you insert a signature in PDF, it means you are legally acknowledging or accepting the contents of the document. Yes, executing the ‘insert signature in PDF’ action means you are legally bound or have officially agreed to the essence of the document. You can easily insert signatures in PDF online or even insert scanned signatures into PDF. The methods are simply and easily available. However, be sure that you use a service, software, or platform that complies with global regulatory requirements for electronic signatures and digital signatures.

What is the Difference - Electronic vs. Digital Signature?

Both types of signatures are used extensively to sign official contracts and legal agreements. Many companies also use it for the staff, for hiring contracts, HR notifications, and Finance department bulletins. In fact, esignatures and digital signatures are used for a variety of reasons even by individuals - tax forms for online submission, electronic forms on websites, etc. Any electronic document that needs to be legally ratified by one or more users requires one of these signature types.

So, what’s the difference?

Many people confuse the two terms but they’re not exactly the same. Digital signatures have a certifying authority that issues a digital certificate that validates the signature and the identity of the user. On the other hand, electronic signatures or esignatures are validated using other unique identifiers, such as a specific character string or even your IP address in some cases. As mentioned, both are legal and are governed by specific laws in various countries across the globe.

How to Insert Signature in PDF Document

As the name implies, Wondershare Document Cloud is a cloud-based storage service. It offers a free plan and a premium option to increase storage limits. The best part is that it also integrates a free electronic signature service where you can create a signature, insert signatures in PDF, and even send documents to others for signing. Here’s how it works:

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. Create a free account for yourself on the Wondershare Document Cloud website and log in.

insert signature in pdf

2. Bring your mouse pointer over your profile avatar on the top right and click on it. In the menu below, select Signing Setting, which will take you to a new pop-up window.

insert signature in pdf online

3. In this window, choose one of the methods to create your electronic signature; you can type it in, draw it using your mouse or trackpad, and also upload an existing one. Save this signature for use later on.

4. If you want to send a document to someone else or several other people to get their signatures, upload it to Wondershare Document Cloud using the Upload Files option on the main page (Home tab.)

insert signature in pdf document

5. To start the signing process, head to the Sign tab and click Initiate under Request Signatures or Bulk Send. The first option can be used to get multiple signatures on a single copy of the document. The Bulk Send option is for when you need several people to sign individual copies of the PDF document. You will also see a Template section where you can customize available templates or even create your own. Click Initiate under one of the first two options to proceed.

insert scanned signature into pdf

6. In this step, you can add a security code, import signers’ email IDs, specify a signing order, include yourself as the first or last signatory, add a custom message, add your company logo, and so on. Click Next when you’re done.

7. On the final page, choose the signers one at a time and drag the signature and other fields into the document view on the right. This is where each one will need to sign and enter other details. If there is a signing order specified, signers will receive their email notification when the previous person has signed.

drag and drop signing fields

8. You can now click the Send for Signature button and the notifications will be on their way.

To insert a signature into a document that’s awaiting your signature, you can either use the notification link or click the Sign button against the document inside Wondershare Document Cloud. You will be able to see this in the Recent Document Activity section on the Home tab. Clicking that will take you to the same pop-up window for signature creation, where you can now use the one you created before. Other signers will be able to create their own electronic signatures.

How to Create a Digital Signature using PDFelement Desktop Version for Windows

In the Windows version of the PDFelement desktop software, you can create a digital signature. As mentioned before, this is different from an electronic signature because a certificate will be issued and your digital signature linked to that. You can also use an existing digital signature if one has already been generated for you. This is how you can set it up:

Wondershare PDFelement

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1. Launch PDFelement and go to the Protect tab at the top. Below that, in the Windows-style toolbar, you will see an option called Sign Document.

insert signature in pdf

2. In the new pop-up window you see on your screen, click New ID to start creating a new digital signature. This can be done in the second pop-up window that appears on top of the first one.

insert signature

3. Enter all relevant details required to generate the digital signature and save the changes before you go back to the previous window. Back in the first pop-up window, you will be able to select your digital signature and add it to the currently open document by clicking the Sign button.

Wondershare has recently launched PDFelement Pro DC, which is the 8th version of PDFelement for Windows. It comes with a range of new features and a powerful new UI. One of the new features is the integration with Wondershare Document Cloud, which gives you three ways to access the cloud service through the desktop application.

Uploading a document from PDFelement to Wondershare Document Cloud

upload file to cloud

You can upload the current document to the cloud easily by using the Export function in PDFelement. When you click it, you will see Wondershare Cloud as a new option. Select it and the file you are working on will be saved to the cloud storage service using your browser. You will be automatically logged in to Document Cloud using your PDFelement credentials.

Downloading a document from Wondershare Document Cloud to PDFelement

open file from document cloud

To fetch a document saved on the cloud, simply click on File and then Open, where you will see an option called From Wondershare Cloud. Click it to select the document from your browser. The downloaded file can be edited offline in PDFelement and then re-uploaded to the cloud if required.

Sending a document for signature collection using PDFelement

send document for signature

In the new PDFelement Pro DC, you will see an Electronic Signature button in the Protect tab. Clicking on it will take you to a new browser tab, where you will be logged in to your Wondershare Document Cloud account. From here, you can follow the Request Signatures or Bulk Send process as described in the previous section.


Now you know several ways to insert a signature in PDF documents, whether it’s your own signature or you’re collecting signatures from other users. Whether you’re using Wondershare Document Cloud as a standalone product or using the integrated version with PDFelement Pro DC or even an older version of PDFelement to create a digital signature, Wondershare has all the bases covered. The solution is affordable, convenient, and accessible both offline and online so all your signature needs are taken care of no matter whether you’re in the office, at home, or traveling.

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