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Easy Ways for How to Make an eSignature

2021-05-11 15:46:12 • by Jason Will

An e signature or electronic signature is a mark, image, or symbol that represents the identity of the person signing a document electronically. You can make e signature marks on any soft-copy document and it will be considered legally binding, especially on contracts, agreements, and other legal documents. There are several e signature solutions or e signature services you can use online as well as offline, and this article showcases two such e signature tools that will make you more productive and significantly speed up your document signing workloads.

The Difference between Electronic Signature and Digital Signature

Most people are under the impression that these two are the same thing. However, there are some big differences. Digital signatures are generated by a certifying authority and require a certificate of authentication. On the other hand, electronic signatures are verified by different methods using unique identifiers to authenticate users. So, are e signatures legal? Yes, both types of virtual signatures are considered legal under various regulatory acts passed by the majority of the world’s developed countries. E signature contracts, for example, are legally binding on those who have signed the electronic file.

Where can these signatures be used? The flexibility and accessibility of digital and electronic signatures allow them to be used for a variety of purposes. Typical e signature documents are contracts, agreements, notification acknowledgments, electronic forms, and so on. They are used by businesses, professionals, and even individuals. For instance, if you’re submitting your tax forms online, you will need to apply an electronic signature on each of the documents when compiling them for submission.

How to Create an e Signature or Send a Document for Signing

Wondershare Technology Co. Ltd. is the maker of several popular software applications such as Filmora and PDFelement. They have recently introduced a new cloud-based product called Wondershare Document Cloud. It is a dual-purpose and cross-platform solution for cloud storage as well as electronic signatures. All you need to do is go to the e signature website and sign in to start using Document Cloud.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

The process to create an e signature and send a document to others for their signatures is given below:

1. Log in using your Wondershare ID, which you can generate on the site if you don’t already have one.

e signature

2. Click your avatar image and select Signature Setting to create a new electronic signature.

make e signature

3. In the next step, click Create and use one of the three methods to create or upload an e signature - type, draw, or upload.

e signature solutions

4. Save the signature for future use. It will be available when you sign a document.

e signature services

5. Next, click Upload Files to import a PDF document to prepare it for signature collection. You will see it in the Recent Document Activity list in the Home tab.

e signature documents

6. To send the document to multiple signers, go to the Sign page and click the Initiate button under one of the first two options. The Request Signatures option is for getting several signatures on the same copy of a document, while the Bulk Send option is to get individuals to sign on separate copies.

7. Next, choose the document from your cloud uploads or import one from your local drive.

8. You can now follow the process flow to add signers, set the signing order, include a custom message and subject line, add a custom logo, and more. Click Next at the bottom to proceed.

e signatures legal

9. In the final step, drag the signature field and other fields into the correct position for each signer. You can select the signer’s email ID one at a time on the left side and add their respective fields to the document on the right. Click Send for Signature when you’re done.

e signature tools

The recipients will get an email link. Clicking on that will take them to a secure page where they can add their signature and other details into the pre-created fields. You can also sign the document by clicking the Sign symbol next to the document name in the Recent Document Activity section of the home page.

How to Create a Signature in PDFelement for Windows

PDFelement is a desktop application for Windows and Mac. This section shows you how to create and add a digital signature to a document using the Sign Document feature.

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

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OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

1. In PDFelement, open the document using the ‘Open files’ option on the welcome page.

e signature website

2. Go to the Protect tab and click the Sign Document button in the ribbon-style toolbar that you see right below the main high-level tabs.

e signature contracts

3. In the Sign Document pop-up window, click on New ID and enter the details required in the additional window that appears. Save this signature.

e signature website

4. Back in the Sign Document window, choose the signature you created in the Sign As dropdown menu and click the Sign button. The newly created digital signature will be added to the file. You can position it in the right place if you need to.

If you’re using the latest PDFelement Pro DC for Windows, you will see that Wondershare Document Cloud has been integrated into the product, making it easier than ever to access files in the cloud and send them for signature collection. You can also use the wide range of editing and other tools in PDFelement to create a new document or modify an existing one before sending it for signing.

make e signature

There are three ways to access these files and the e signature function.

Upload a Document from Cloud

create esignature

This is done using the Export option in PDFelement Pro DC. You will see an option in the menu called Wondershare Cloud. Selecting that will upload the current document to Document Cloud, from where you can access it again on the same computer or any other connected device.

Download a Document

e signature tools

If you have saved a file to Wondershare Document Cloud, you can retrieve it from within PDFelement Pro DC using the File → Open option. You will see a menu item called From Wondershare Cloud. Clicking on that will take you to your uploaded documents, from where you can select the download option to bring it directly into PDFelement.

Send a Document for Signing

e signatures legal

When you click the Protect tab and select Electronic Signature in the ribbon toolbar, it will upload the document to Wondershare Document Cloud and open the Sign tab, where you can click Initiate and start preparing the document for signature requests, as explained in the previous section.


One aspect of e signatures that you need to be aware of is to only use a service or website that offers signatures that are compliant with regulatory requirements in your country. Most of them do, but be sure to check the site so you’re sure of it. In addition, using a flexible platform like the one that Wondershare offers allows you to work locally as well as on the cloud. If you’re offline, use PDFelement to generate a digital signature; online, you can use Wondershare Document Cloud; as a hybrid solution, you can try the new PDFelement Pro DC for Windows computers.

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