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How to Create and Add an Online PDF Signature

2021-05-11 15:46:31 • by Jason Will

Using an online PDF signature service is a great way to improve the efficiency of your business’s official document workflows. Whether it’s client contracts, vendor/supplier agreements, or internal documents where you need to place a signature on PDF online, a paid online PDF signature tool or a free PDF signature platform can truly make your team more productive and revenue-focused.

Are Electronic Signatures the Same as Digital Signatures?

Technically, they’re not the same thing. However, a lot of users tend to use the two terms in an interchangeable way. An electronic signature uses a range of attributes to validate and verify the identity of the signer, such as an IP address and so on. A digital signature, on the other hand, requires a digital certificate that is issued by a certifying authority - similar to the ones who issue SSL certificates for websites.

Both, types of signatures, however, are legally binding in most countries. That means you can use them for official documents like legal contracts, bonded agreements, PDF form submissions, and even internal official documents like HR notices. You can apply PDF signature online free using one of many tools. One such utility is Wondershare Document Cloud.

About Wondershare Document Cloud and How to Create an Online PDF Signature

Wondershare Document Cloud is a dual-purpose service hosted on the cloud. It acts as a secure repository for your official PDF documents while also providing an integrated free PDF signature app. The platform allows you to prepare documents for others to sign in the form of multiple signatures on one document or one signature per document. It also comes with a wide range of templates and even the ability to create your own templates that you can use later.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

The process of creating an online PDF signature using Wondershare Document Cloud is as follows:

1. First, log in to the portal using a Wondershare ID. This can be from another Wondershare product you’re already using or a new one that you can set up in a couple of minutes.

free pdf signature

2. After logging in, click the Upload Files button to import PDF files from your local drive.

online pdf signature

3. Once the document is uploaded, you can go to the Sign tab and click Initiate under one of the first two options provided: Request Signatures or Bulk Send.

pdf signature online free

4. If you are the only signer, check the “I need to sign this document” checkbox and click Next at the bottom. To add others, type their names into the address field one at a time, followed by hitting Enter each time. Alternatively, you can import a CSV file for this. You can also set a signing order so the recipients can sign in a particular sequence.

pdf signature app

5. Write a custom message and subject line for the email notification that the signers will receive. Hit Next when ready.

e signature pdf free

6. Set the fields onto the document by dragging them in place from the left-side panel to the correct position on the file you see in preview mode. Do this for yourself and each of the other recipients (this is only required once when you do a Bulk Send.)

7. When you’re ready, click Send for Signature. Now, go back to the Home tab and look for a Sign button next to the document you just prepared. Click it and then click the signature field to create or add your signature. If you’ve already created one, it will be saved under Conserved. If not, you can either type, upload, or draw a new one. Click Use to insert it into the document.

pdf signature app free

The above process shows you how to create and add an electronic signature to a PDF document. If you just need to create a signature, click your avatar and select Signing Setting in the drop-down menu. You can then click Create to generate a signature by drawing, typing, or uploading from your local drive, and then hit Save to keep it in the cloud for future use.

All these steps are executed online, and you can either use this PDF signature app free or upgrade to a paid option for higher limits on the number of files and storage space. The free account gives you up to 5 document sends and 1GB free cloud storage space. If you need to do this locally on your desktop or do not have a strong Internet connection, you can perform the same task on PDFelement for Windows or Mac.

How to Create a Digital Signature using PDFelement Windows Desktop Version

If you have installed PDFelement 8.0 version, you can follow the steps shown below or download it through the box below:

Wondershare PDFelement

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Integrated with Document Cloud

1. Launch PDFelement and open your PDF file using the Open Files option on the welcome page. You can also drag and drop the document from another location or use the File → Open option if PDFelement is already running on your PC.

place signature on pdf online

2. Click the Protect tab at the top of the software window once the document is open.

online pdf signature

3. In the ribbon toolbar below that, click on Sign Document. This will show you the Sign Document pop-up pane. At the top of that pane, click New ID to create a digital signature from scratch.

online pdf signature

4. You will need to enter various details that will be used as identifiers for your digital signature. These include your name, your address, and so on. You can also set other parameters such as locking the file after the signature is added so others cannot modify it. You can also change the appearance of the signature and how it will look on the document.

5. When you’ve filled in the required information and set a password for your signature, click on the Sign button.

That’s it! You now have a method to add a PDF signature online free as well as a desktop option. If you are using the latest PDFelement 8 for Windows, you can enjoy the integration with Wondershare Document Cloud. The Windows version has built-in functions to fetch documents from Document Cloud, upload to the cloud, and access the electronic signature function - all from within the desktop software.

The fetch or access function can be used from the File → Open menu. One of the new options you’ll see there is called From Wondershare Cloud, as shown in the screenshot below:

free pdf signature app

To upload a PDF file to Document Cloud, use the Export option called Wondershare Cloud under the other cloud service options such as Dropbox and Drive.

add online pdf signature

Finally, you can access the electronic signature feature in Wondershare Document Cloud by clicking the Electronic Signature button in the ribbon toolbar below the Protect tab.

place signature on pdf online

You can also edit the PDF document in question with the extensive tools at your disposal. Modify text, change images, add watermarks, insert headers and footers, reorganize pages, merge/split files, etc. to get the document exactly the way you want it to appear.


As you can see, Wondershare offers you multiple ways to create online PDF signature files and add them to your document workflows. This capability, however it is used, will greatly enhance the productivity of your front-line team members, especially in departments like Sales, Procurement, Human Resource, Finance, Corporate, and so on.

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