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How To Restore Important Files From Your Backup

2021-05-11 15:45:48 • by Jason Will

You should always backup computer files; you never know when you might run into trouble with your computer. In the unfortunate event that your computer crashes or you need to format it completely and reset it to solve an issue, you will need to create a backup of your data.

Successfully conducting a backup of your files isn’t much of a problem, but restoring might be a bit technical for some people. In this article, we let you know how you can restore files from backup on Windows 10.

Using Wondershare Document Cloud

There are plenty of ways of creating a backup for your most important files, but we certainly believe using the Document Cloud by Wondershare is the way to go. While using an external hard drive may sound like an easy option, you often run into compatibility and readability problems.

The Document Cloud is a virtual server that can store up to 100GB of your data. It holds onto your files and allows you access from any device. Whether you’ve got an Android device, an Apple MacBook or mobile, or a Windows laptop, all you have to do is log into your account if you want to take a look at your data.

restore files from backup windows 10

Wondershare’s virtual cloud is also compatible with its own PDF reader, PDFElement. It allows you to view, edit, convert, merge your PDF quickly and relatively easily.

Additionally, the Document Cloud also offers users to make e-signatures and initiate documents when needed. If there’s a legal document that needs signatures from several people, you can share the document conveniently and send a request for their signatures simultaneously.

Moreover, you can also track changes being made to your document; you get to see who’s changing what and when.

How to Backup Files Using Document Cloud

Before you backup computer files on the Document Cloud, it is important for you to know that the cloud guarantees your privacy.

Your data stays safe and secure, and no information will be shared with any third party without your consent.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. Uploading Documents to the Cloud

● To upload/backup files on the Cloud, log in with your Wondershare ID.
● Next, click on “Upload Files” from the home menu.
● Choose the files you want to be uploaded and then click “Open.”
● Once done, wait for the uploading process to complete.

restore files from backup

2. Reviewing and sharing documents with others

● If you’re looking to share a document with your partner because you need his signature as soon as possible, click on the “Sign” on the home page.

backup computer files

● From the three choices that come up, pick the one that suits you best. “Request Signature” allows you to have all signatures in one file, while the “Bulk Send” option gives you separate files of each individual.

backup deleted files

● Once selected, pick your document from the “Add Document” button and click on “Send.”

3. Renaming your documents

● Wondershare Document Cloud also allows you to rename your documents as you wish.
● When you’ve located your file on the server, click on the three dots at the end of your file’s name.
● Next, select the “Rename” option from the list and edit as you wish.

rename document on cloud

4. Downloading and restoring files from the Document Cloud

● Now that you’ve completed a backup to restore and retrieve your files, here’s what to do.
● Locate your files on the Document Cloud and from the three dots on the end of their names, click on the “Download” option.
● This will start downloading your files onto your device, which will ultimately restore files from backup.

download file from cloud


In addition to that, the application comes with a much friendlier user-interface and its PDF reader and editor that certainly comes in handy in office work.

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