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How to save files to cloud

2021-05-11 15:48:26 • by Jason Will

Efficiency is key to any business's success. You can increase the operational efficiency of your business through cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to save files to cloud, and these files can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device connected to the internet.

If you own one massive library of files, it won't take long to fill your device's storage to the brim. You can use external drives to free your device’s storage, but this is a risky option, and there are always chances of these getting misplaced, stolen, or damaged. There is no such vulnerability in the cloud because you save files to cloud on a secure virtual server with almost no chances of data loss.

How do you save files to the cloud

It just takes a few clicks to save your digital files on the cloud, and you can easily share your files with documents, images, and even videos with anyone. With Wondershare Document Cloud, you enjoy a massive cloud storage space of 100GB. Wondershare Document Cloud allows you to save files to cloud as you need. You can access and download these files anytime and anywhere from all popular platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It protects your financial and personal information with advanced encryption and high-level fraud protection. You continue to receive a free software update within the valid period of the software.

Below steps explain in details how to save files to cloud:

Step 1: Visit Document Cloud official website and click the "Free Trial" button". If you are a new user, create a Wondershare user ID and chose the plan as per your requirement.

save file to cloud


Step 2: On the homepage, click the "Upload Files" button and select files from your local system to save documents to cloud.

save document

Step 3: Newly uploaded files will be shown in the "Your Document" tab. To view, rename, delete, and download saved files, click the ellipsis after the document and choose the dropdown menu option. You can send these files for a digital signature by clicking on the dropdown's send for Signature option.

upload files to cloud

Send documents for electronic signature

In addition to saving files to the cloud, Wondershare Document Cloud allows you to sign the documents electronically. You can send a contract or agreement for an electronic signature without any hustle. Wondershare Document Cloud guarantees to keep your records safe with the highest level of privacy protection. It has many unique features, such as encrypting documents, setting print permission, and sending a regular signature reminder.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

There is no limit on sending files for signature, and it also maintains the audit log and history of the files. The recipients can access the documents sent for signature via an email and then sign the document from any device to complete the process. You can send the document for signature in the below simple steps.

Step 1: On the cloud homepage, click the "Start Signing" button or Navigate to Sign Tab.

sign file on cloud

Step 2: Click on 'Initiate Button' in Request Signatures. Choose the file, either the local computer or select the file from the document cloud.

request signature online

Step 3: You need to add a signer's email address and message to the signer. You can add multiple signers and even define the signing order and even create company branding. Send a document for signature and track the document status.

track Document online

Wondershare Document Cloud is Designed for a multi-cloud experience for your sensitive data. Wondershare Document Cloud provides unique service for enterprise and business, including team administrator center, team template sharing, team analytics, and reporting.

With Wondershare Document Cloud, you can save files to cloud quickly, more comfortably, and safely. It maintains the quality of uploaded files, and you access and update these files anytime. It will enhance the productivity of your business like never before. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee, would recommend you try the free version of Wondershare Document Cloud today to enjoy a large cloud storage space and always meet document deadlines on time!

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