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How Can I Send a Document or Send PDF for Signature to Others?

2021-05-11 15:45:27 • by Jason Will

The easiest way to send PDFs for signature collection is to use a free online electronic signature service. However, you also have to consider the security aspects of using an online service. Make sure that the service you use offers enterprise-grade security for your documents while they are being stored and when they are in transit (upload/download.) You can also send documents for signature manually, but that means the receiver will need a separate tool or must already have an existing digital or electronic signature that they can apply to the document. This is quite cumbersome and may slow down the process. For that reason, it’s better to use an online service where the signer doesn’t need to download or install anything. This article showcases such an online service where you can send PDF for signature free of cost if you’re a new user.

Wondershare Document Cloud

Wondershare is a prolific creator of productivity, utility, and creativity software and is well-known for products like the Filmora video editor and PDFelement PDF editor, among others. The latest horse from its stables is Wondershare Document Cloud, a robust solution for cloud storage and document signing and a unique product in this category. While most cloud storage services only provide secure storage, this one does a lot more. The integrated electronic signature function allows you to store a document as well as create signatures and send the document for signature free of cost, up to a certain limit. If you need a higher storage limit or need to send unlimited documents for signing, you can upgrade to the affordable premium plan.

Two key features make this a stand-out product:

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Secure Cloud Storage - Using enterprise-grade security protocols and encryption standards, your cloud-stored documents are in safe hands once they are uploaded to Wondershare Document Cloud. The free limit is a generous 1GB and if you upgrade to premium you can store up to 100GB worth of PDF documents.

Electronic Signature Function - The e-signature feature gives users the freedom to create electronic signatures as well as send documents for signature to other singers, either to collect their signatures on the same document or on separate copies. In addition, there is a template library to get you started faster and even an option to create your own custom templates for future use.

How to Send a Document for Signature using Document Cloud

The steps are very simple once you’ve set up a free account on the Wondershare Document Cloud website.

1. To create a signature, click the Signing Settings option that you see when you click on your profile avatar image on the top right.

send pdf for signature

2. This will take you to a signature creation page where you can type, draw, or upload an electronic signature and save it.

3. To send a document to others for their signatures, use the Upload Files button on the Home tab to import your PDF file.

4. When the file is imported, click the Sign tab and click Initiate under the Request Signatures or Bulk Send options.

send document for signature

Note: The Request Signatures feature sends a single copy of the PDF file to multiple users for all of them to sign. The Bulk Send can be used when you need one signature from each user on individual copies of the document.

5. Once you click Initiate, you can choose the document from the cloud storage and prepare it for sending.

6. This involves entering or importing the signers’ email addresses, setting a particular order for them to sign, adding yourself at the beginning or end of the signing queue, writing a custom message, using a company logo, and so on. You can also set a security code for them to enter before they can access the document for signing.

send pdf for signature free

7. Click Next at the bottom of that page and go to the next page, where you can select each user and add the necessary signing and other fields for them to view.

8. Click Send for Signature when you’re finished with this final step.

send document for signature free

Signing the document is easy. If you are one of the signers, you can click the link in the email notification or click Sign next to the document name within Wondershare Document Cloud, under Recent Document Activity. When the email link is clicked, the signer will be taken to the document signing page. When they click the signature field, they will see the same page as you did when you created your signature. They can create their own and add it to the document. After that, they can click the Submit Signature button to send the document back to you.

Can I Do the Same Thing with PDFelement for Windows?

Yes, a similar process is available in the desktop PDF editor from Wondershare called PDFelement. In the Windows version, you will see a Protect tab at the top. Click that and follow the steps shown here:

Wondershare PDFelement

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OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

1. Click Sign Document in the toolbar, which will open a new window. Here, click on New ID to create a new digital signature. Please note that this version generates an authentic digital signature rather than an electronic signature.

add digital signature on pdfelement

2. In the second pop-up window that appears after clicking New ID, enter your details for the digital signature to be generated.

create digital signature

3. Return to the first pop-up window after creating and saving your digital signature. Refresh the ID list and you will see the new signature there. Select it and click Sign to add it to the document. You can reposition it after adding it.

This process is available in PDFelement 7, which is the older version. In the new PDFelement 8, also called PDFelement Pro DC (Windows version), Wondershare Document Cloud functionality has been baked into the desktop application, which allows you to execute three different functions from within your desktop app.

1. Upload a PDF Document to the Cloud

upload file to cloud

2. Download a Stored PDF from the Cloud

download and open file from cloud

3. Send the Current Document for Signing

send document for esignature


The Wondershare ecosystem provides flexible ways to add both electronic and digital signatures to any PDF document, whether it’s a contract, a legal agreement, or a company-internal document that’s being circulated. You can also use it to fill forms for online submission and other purposes. As a flexible and affordable standalone cloud storage and electronic signature service, Wondershare Document Cloud offers a unique experience. In addition, the integration with the new Windows version of PDFelement Pro 8 gives you the power to work offline and online with your official document workflows.

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