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Learn How to Sign PDF on Mac with a Cloud App

2021-05-11 15:48:02 • by Jason Will

Cloud storage is an essential part of every business’s document workflow today. For example, if you want to sign a PDF on Mac or get signatures from third parties, it is much more efficient to store the document in the cloud and use an online signature service to circulate the document. Not only does this give your business a great deal of flexibility but it also makes your signature workflows for contracts and agreements much more efficient.

Wondershare Document Cloud offers this as an integrated service: cloud storage for your PDF workflows and a robust e-signature tool to electronically sign PDF on Mac or Windows and get the signatures of external users on those PDFs.

sign pdf mac

How to Sign PDF Documents on Mac using Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud is available as a free or paid version. While the paid version gives you 100GB of cloud storage and unlimited sending of documents for signing, the free version offers a generous 1GB of space and up to 5 document sends. It’s a great way to try the product without having to commit to a plan, and the free allowance is more than enough for you to test the full functionality of this robust new cloud-based electronic signature and storage service. Once you’re satisfied, you can upgrade to one of the affordable plans offered.

Here is the process for sending documents to internal or external signers to get their signatures in a secure cloud environment:

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

1. Head over to the Wondershare Document Cloud website and set up your free Wondershare ID.

macos sign pdf

If you’re already a user of other Wondershare products, you can use that ID to sign in. You can also click the Create Account link on the login page to set up a fresh Wondershare ID, which can later be used for other products such as PDFelement or PDFelement Pro.

2. Upload the PDF to be signed.

On the inside page, click the Upload File button to import your PDFs to the cloud.

sign pdf documents on mac

Select the files you want to import and click on Open. You will see the import progress on the screen. You should now be able to see your files in the My Documents section of Document Cloud under the Document tab.

3. As a next step, click the Sign tab to see the signature options.

electronically sign pdf mac

The Request Signatures feature allows you to get multiple people to sign on the same document, and you can even set the signing order, which means the second signer will only receive the document after the first signer has applied his or her digital signature to the document, and so on.

The Bulk Send option is to get one signature per document from several people. For instance, HR departments can use this feature to ask employees to acknowledge a new policy, etc.

The third option offers templates that you can use to create a document for signing. You can also create your own custom templates for future use.

4. Add the document to send for signing.

add document to sign

Once you have selected the Initiate button under the type of signing to be used, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can add the file. If you have already imported the document into Document Cloud, it will be listed under Document Cloud. If you have a new one on your Mac, you can use the My Computer option to import it now.

5. Follow the signature process workflow to send the documents and track their signing status until it is complete.

First, specify the security access parameters.

add access authentication

Next, enter the email addresses of the signers manually or by importing a CSV file.

add email address

Set the signing order and add yourself as the first or last signer, if required.

set signing order

Add a personalized message to the email that will be sent to the signers.

customize brand and content

On the document, set the signature position, title, date, etc. for each of the signers. You can simply drag and drop the fields from the top into the document.

drag and drop fields

Finally, send the document for the signatures. You will be able to track the progress of the signing status in your Home tab of Document Cloud.

As you can see, the process is very straightforward and Document Cloud contains everything you need to securely store your documents for easy global access and safely send them to others to add their electronic signatures.

PDFelement Pro DC - However You PDF, Own It!

The new product for cloud storage is being integrated as a function within PDFelement, the robust PDF editing tool from Wondershare. That means your desktop PDF editor for Mac or Windows will have native cloud capabilities in addition to third-party storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with your Wondershare ID once the feature is rolled out.

1. Upload a PDF from anywhere into your Document Cloud account.

upload files from any device

You can do this by going to the Home tab, clicking on Upload Files, selecting your PDF, and clicking Open in the Finder dialog box. Once it is imported, you will be able to see it listed in Document Cloud.

2. Download the Document and open it with PDFelement for Mac

download files on mac

When you get to your Mac, access the Document cloud again to download the file, and then open it in PDFelement for Mac.

3. Edit the document using PDFelement’s powerful editing features.

edit pdf on mac

As you can see, clicking the ‘Edit’ feature in the left-side toolbar will allow you to edit any text within the PDF file. You can also edit images by clicking the ‘Image’ option right below that.

4. Save the document and Upload it Back to Document Cloud.

upload files from macbook

Go to your browser and log in to Document Cloud on your Mac. Using the same method shown in point 1 above, you can upload the modified file back to Document Cloud.

5. Initiate the signature process from within Document Cloud, as shown in the previous process.

request signature online for free

You can now start the signing process as shown in the previous steps. This will now be the document that was modified using PDFelement for Mac.

What Does it Mean for Your Business?

The implications of the new product are tremendous. PDFelement is already a very powerful desktop product that offers everything from PDF creation, editing, and annotations, to security, forms management, file conversion, OCR text recognition, batch processes, data extraction, page and file organization, and much more. With Document Cloud integrated into it, the new PDFelement Pro DC will take collaboration to a whole new level by leveraging the power and expansiveness of cloud computing.

You can now create documents in one place, store them on the cloud, and then access them from anywhere whenever you need to get signatures, edit documents, convert them to other formats, or simply share them on the cloud. This will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business to a great extent by giving you tools that make sense and are more affordable than other premium solutions like Adobe Acrobat DC.

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