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How to Sign PDF Document on Windows PC

2021-05-11 15:47:16 • by Jason Will

We’ve been counting on pen and paper signatures for centuries. PDF documents are significant when you need to share official documents, but they can be more challenging to work with when you need to edit or fill them out. You can sign a PDF document on windows electronically anytime. All you need is an internet connection and access to a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device. Electrical-signatures make it easier to get approval from all parties in the market. Rather than waiting on physical papers to arrive, you can electronically sign the PDF document as soon as it hits your inbox. Your e-signature immediately activates the next step in the protocol.

In our hyper-connected world where people expect to work from anywhere and anytime, handed-down methods of signing and validate documents are gradually being replaced by technological transformation such as electronic signatures in general. Wondershare Documents cloud gives you a smooth online document experience, including electronic signature and cloud storage on any device. No matter where you are, Wondershare document cloud makes electronic signing easier and faster on all web browser online on windows. Documents can be store on the Wondershare Documents clouds and can be easily accessed and sign the PDF documents on any device by just logging in to the Wondershare ID.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Guide on How to Sign PDF through Document Cloud


Step 1: Visit the website https://pdfcloud.wondershare.com/ and log in with Wondershare ID. Wondershare ID allows the use of Wondershare products like PDFelement etc.

sign pdf on pc

Step 2: Choose the required PDF document for signing and upload from your device.

click on upload files and sign

Step 3: The signature process is initiated and completes the signature process.

sign pdf on windows

Step 4: Signature field is generated on the PDF document and send documents for signature.

signature field on document

Step 5: Documents are signed via email notification and complete the signature process.

document is signed on pc

Modify PDF Contract Before Sending for Electronic Signature

Wondershare is becoming a global leader in software development and a creator in the field of digital creativity. With power technology, the solutions we provide are convenient and straightforward, making Wondershare trusted by millions of people. Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC is the tool used to manipulate the PDF documents like add, delete, modify pdf pages, etc.

PDFelements lets you edit text and objects directly in PDFs. The individual can create and convert the PDFs into editable documents online on a windows device. PDFelement distinguishes itself as a professional PDF editor by offering protection and security features and redaction. You can password-protect PDFs and sign and validate signatures, too. We can say that to sign the PDF document with Windows 10 fully proved to be one of the most stable Windows operating systems till now.

PDFelement Protect sensitive PDF content with passwords and consents to restrict printing, copying, or sharing. Sign with electronic signatures if necessary. PDFelement allows the transformation of PDFs to or from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other files and Text without losing fonts and formatting. Quick and easy.

Here are the following steps to modify PDF files with PDFelement Pro:

Step 1: Open PDFelement tool bar and do the required changes to the PDF.

click open file and sign on windows

Step 2: After editing the PDF document, save the PDF to document cloud.

pdf document signed on computer

Step 3: Open PDF, click on signature button and start the signing process.

signed pdf document on window 10

PDF documents have been everyday use within the business for many years. Document signing allows you to add an electronic signature to a form to attest to the sender's identity. This signature certifies you that the document hasn't reformed and that you can trust its contents. Signing a PDF is important for protecting the document’s veracity.

Signing a PDF on a Windows 10 PC keeps the document integrity, verifies who signed the PDF document, and protects any additional changes to the record - signing a PDF on PC abate the manual steps involved in signing a contract. You can count on electronic-signing to execute deals in a snap. There’s no necessity to wait for printed documents to travel around the country or the world. It’s all done rapidly on a personal computer or mobile device.

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