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5 Steps to Sign PDF Online for Free

2021-05-11 15:47:14 • by Jason Will

PDF is the most commonly used format for business documents, whether invoices, contracts or agreements. To maintain the authenticity and integrity of the PDF by protecting it against change is the need of the time. PDFs with an electronic signature preserve the document's content and help track who signed or approved the document. PDF documents with e-signing establish once identity in the digital world and verify the person who signed a PDF document. There are many softwares available that help you to sign PDF documents online free easily.

Electronically signed PDF documents can be locked against any future change. You can also embed time stamps and signer information such as email addresses, IP addresses, which are essential for verifying PDF documents in the long term.

Document management solutions use servers and software to store, manage, and track digital documents. It enables you to access any PDF document or file quickly. Most of the document management solutions work in sync with the scanners that convert paper documents into digital files. With Online document management, you are always in control, and there is no need to rely on anyone to keep the servers up and running.

You can sign PDF files online free with Wondershare Document Cloud. Wondershare Document Cloud provides a perfect multi-terminal cloud experience for you and your team. Its core features include cloud storage and electronic signature, i.e., you can electronically sign PDF online free. Free trial version allows you to sign up to five documents, by subscribing to document cloud you can send any number of documents.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Wondershare Document Cloud signers can sign legally binding agreements and contracts without registering for an account and downloading any software. With the highest level of privacy protection, your document security and privacy is guaranteed. It supports automated bulk signing of multiple PDF documents in one go, converting different document format types to PDF and signing them in just one step.

Sign PDF Online for free by Document Cloud

Step 1: Visit the Wondershare Document Cloud website https://pdfcloud.wondershare.com/ and log in with Wondershare id. If you don’t have it, then create the account and log in.

login to sign pdf online free

Step 2: Click on “Upload Files” and select the PDF document from your device to upload.

upload to sign a PDF document

Step 3: Click on the “Start Signing” button and then initiate the signature process under request signatures tab. Then fill the required blanks and add the recipients' email address.

electronically sign pdf online free

Step 4: Create the fields for signature by clicking on the “Signature/Initial" field and send the PDF documents for signature.

add field to sign pdf file

Step 5: Sign the PDF document via the email notification and complete the signature process.

signed pdf file online free

In short, you can easily sign PDF document online for free in just three steps:

  • Initiate: Upload PDF form or file from your local device. Create your signature, apply editable text fields on a PDF document, and send it to each recipient via email.
  • Sign: Email Recipient can access the document from any device and sign the form on the go.
  • Track: You can track the signing process and will get a notification when the document is signed.

How to Edit PDF File Before Sending for Signatures

PDFelement is a powerful PDF editing and conversion tool with which you can transform PDF to or from word, excel, PowerPoint, and other file formats. It simplifies reviews and makes collecting signatures faster. You can add review comments and mark-up to the PDF. It helps in collaboration where you gain inputs and enable participants to build upon the reviewer's comments. You can turn word, excel, or any other form into an editable and fill-able PDF form in just one click. Protect the unwanted information exchange by applying for password protection and permission to restrict the printing, copying, or altering. You can also redact the sensitive information from PDF.

As we advance, Wondershare Document Cloud will connect with PDFelement Pro to achieve multi-terminal interaction and enhance document productivity and reduce inefficiencies associated with preparing, analyzing, and archiving documents. PDFelement enables you to standardize a single PDF solution, thus gaining productivity and reducing licensing and IT support costs.

Step by step guide to edit PDF files with PDFelement:

Step 1: Login to PDFelement and make the required changes to the PDF document.

open wondershare pdfelement

Step 2: Save the PDF file to Document Cloud directly in PDFelement.

edit pdf document to sign

Step 3: Click the Electronic Signature button under the "Protect" tab to initiate a signing process.

electronically sign pdf online free

Digitizing documents and associated workflows through Wondershare document cloud and PDFelement play a crucial role in making the company's internal processes more efficient. Also, protect your financial/personal information with high-level encryption and excellent fraud protection.

Store, edit and electronically sign PDF online free with Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC and reduce the undesired hustle of printing the documents, reviewing and signing then manually, and then scanning before sending the documents to clients.

Digitizing documents and storing them in the cloud not only add an extra layer of protection but save the cost associated with the purchase of stationery, sending & receiving documents by mails, and frees storage space for records. Also, it helps to protect the environment by reducing your dependability on paper.

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