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How to Sign PDF Online via Cloud

2021-05-11 15:47:11 • by Jason Will

In this age of technology advancement, the business can reduce the cost significantly by digitization document management and thus saving cost associated with the purchase of papers, human resources, stationaries, and storage cost that is required to manage documents. Therefore, it also helps protect the environment as the number of trees needed to produce paper significantly reduces as electronic signatures gradually become universal.

Signing a document on Wondershare Document Cloud allows you to put your Signature details on the document whether using a computer, tablet, or mobile device online from anywhere, anytime. Before sending the documents for signing, you can easily resize the signature box and place it where you need to put the approver's signature to sign pdf documents online.

Wondershare Document Cloud gives you a smooth online document experience. It also includes Electronic Signature and large cloud storage up to 100GB, which can be easily accessed on any operating device and can meet document deadlines. E-signature has become easy, faster, and safer across all the browsers with Wondershare document cloud.

Electronic Signature is incredibly efficient as it speeds up every transaction and process by having recipients' electronic signature on documents. Hundreds of millions of users trust the Electronic Signature solution. Wondershare Document guaranteed the document files' security. You can trust it to sign a pdf contract online and save your precious time. Wondershare Document cloud provides additional features for the business users like reports and analytics.

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Wondershare document cloud is a browser-based tool that helps you to sign pdf documents free online. Wondershare Document Cloud supports sending contracts or agreements or any documents for electronic signature regardless of any platform including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It lets you sign pdf file free (up to 5 documents). For enterprise and business users, the Wondershare document cloud provides some special team services including team administrator center, team template, team analytics, and reporting. No matter where you are working from, Wondershare Document Cloud, connects your team to connect with simple workflows. It guarantees document security and privacy with the highest level of privacy protection to keep your documents safe.

How to Sign PDF Online via Document Cloud

Step 1: Visit the website https://pdfcloud.wondershare.com/ and log in with Wondershare id and password. If you don’t have it, then create the account and then log in.

app to sign pdf online

Step 2: Select the PDF document file from your device and upload it.

upload to sign the pdf file

Step 3: Click on “start signing” button then initiate the signing process and enter the email of the recipients.

email to sign the pdf file

Step 4: Drag “signature field” on the left side and drop the field on the PDF document wherever you need and then send it for signatures by clicking the "Send For Signature" button.

signature field created

Step 5: Document Cloud will send email notification to signers for signing the PDF documents.

sign pdf documents online

Introducing PDFelement Pro DC Desktop

PDFelement is a PDF editor and document managing solution from Wondershare Software. PDFelements is a robust tool for editing PDFs, converting PDF files to and from any format, add remarks or review comments, and OCR.

Any organization, small or big, needs a documentation automation solution that is easy to organize and also is standardized across both Windows and Mac platforms. Wondershare offers PDFelement as a cost-effective solution that meets these businesses' requirements with limited software budgets seeking to reorganize their document workflow. You can view, edit, annotate, convert, and sign PDF files on the go, and thus increase your productivity.

There are following steps on how to connect PDFelement with Document Cloud easily:

Step 1: Open PDFelement software and make changes to the pdf documents that need to be edit.

edit document files

Step 2: You can save the edited pdf document to Document cloud in PDFelement as the picture shows.

edited document saved

Step 3: Initiate the signature protocol by clicking on the Electronic Signature on the top.

sign pdf form online

Wondershare document cloud gives to control over PDFs like never before. It controls documents to help secure sensitive information from unintended access and use. It allows collaboration with anyone and anytime. It quickly gathers feedback from colleagues and customers. It lets you edit and annotate PDFs, add, delete and rearrange PDF pages, convert practically any document to a PDF online, convert PDF to word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to text, PDF to image, and other pdf file formats online.

You can do all the work on PDFs, whether it is creating fill-able PDF forms, edit text directly in PDFs, flip, split and crop PDFs or add page numbers, headers and footers, and watermarks, or much more. This all gives an easy way for clients to sign the contracts online and access the pdf forms or files online, and edit them quickly, much easier, and most significantly safely across all browsers.

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