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How to Put Files in Google Drive for Global Access

2021-05-12 10:32:37 • by Jason Will

The question of how to put files in Google Drive if you have a Google account is a relatively simple one to answer. This article will show you how to put a file into Google Drive from your desktop computer’s local storage and how to put files in Google Drive from any system or location. We’ll also show you a special tool just for PDF documents that also comes with its own free electronic signature service.

Google Drive in a Nutshell

Google Drive has been around since 2012 but it’s only just becoming one of the favorite cloud storage services for business and individual users. With over 5000 businesses now using Drive and over 2 billion users overall, it is one of the largest suites of SaaS products in the world, comprising Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and more than a dozen other cloud-based services. It is easily accessible from any modern browser but works best with Google’s own Chrome browser due to the deep integration between the products.

How to Put Files in Google Drive Folder

The default folder in Google Drive is called My Drive, but the process of how to put files on Google Drive is essentially the same for all subfolders and even shared Drive folders. Here’s how it works:

1. First, log in to your Google account in Chrome or another modern browser like Edge, Safari, or Mozilla

how to put files in google drive

2. After logging in, look for the grid icon (nine dots) on the top-right next to your avatar and click it to see the extended Google apps menu. From there, click the Drive icon.

3. Inside Drive, you will already be in the My Drive folder. You can put the file here or double-click an existing subfolder to go inside that.

how to put a file into google drive

4. To put the file on Google Drive, simply drag it from its local drive location and drop it there. Alternatively, you can use the menu option Upload Files after clicking the small arrow next to the folder name at the top of the file list panel in the center of your screen.

5. Once uploaded, you will see the file listed in that folder.

What to Do After I Put File in Google Drive?

Now that you know how to put files into Google Drive, the rest is easy. One thing to keep in mind is that you can drag and drop or upload multiple files only in the Chrome browser. For other browsers, you will need to use the bulk upload module instead of the default one. Now, what can you do after putting files into Drive? Let’s see…

● Open a file or preview the contents
● Share a file with others using the Share settings
● Download a file to the system you’re accessing Drive from
● Delete a file from its cloud location using the Move to Trash feature
● Assign a new name to the file
● Copy a file - the name of the new file will begin with “Copy of…”
● Move a file to a different folder location
● Make a file editable offline - it will sync when an Internet connection is detected
● Publish a file to a web page with a link or an embed code
● See and restore earlier versions of that file
● Translate a document that’s in an editable format like Word or Text

Now that we’ve seen how to put files in Google Drive, you will appreciate the multi-terminal and device-agnostic nature of a cloud storage service. However, Google Drive does have one weak point - PDF files. There’s no native feature to view a PDF in edit mode - you can only preview it as an image. Even the add-ons for PDF are only very basic editors. For that reason, read on to discover two new products that, together, can take care of all your PDF storage and management needs.

An Useful Alternative to Google Drive - Wondershare Document Cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Wondershare is a highly respected name in software development, and Wondershare Document Cloud is its latest initiative to enhance the productivity of businesses and individuals all over the world. This unique product is a blend of cloud storage for PDF documents and an integrated electronic signature (e-signature) service. Both are free to use with some limitations, and the upgrade is very affordable even if you’re an individual or a small business with a limited budget.

How to Put Files in Wondershare Document Cloud

1. Sign in to your Document Cloud account or sign up for a free account.

how to put files in google drive folder

2. In the main Home tab, click the Upload Files button to launch File Explorer or Finder.

3. Select the PDF files to upload and hit OK or Open.

4. You will see your files in the Recent Document Activity section.

That’s how simple it is! Once the files are in the cloud, you can do several actions by clicking the … icon next to any file in the list.

Actions after Uploading to Wondershare Document Cloud

put file on google drive

● View the contents of the PDF file
● Download it to your desktop or any other device
● Remove it from DC using the Delete button
● Rename it to differentiate it from another version or other similar PDF documents
● Send for Signing:
○ First Option (Request Signatures): To get signatures from different people on the same document, use this document e-signing option
○ Second Option (Bulk Send): To get one signature per copy from multiple people, use this function
○ Third Option (Template): Use an available template or create your own to create a document for sending

How Does PDFelement Pro DC Connect to Wondershare Document Cloud?

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Fill forms and sign contracts

OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

On its own, PDFelement is a powerful and professional-grade PDF editor in the same class as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Nitro PDF. It offers a full palette of PDF management tools, as follows:

how to put the file in google drive

● Comprehensive PDF editing
● Create PDF from 300+ source file types
● Convert PDF to various other formats like Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, EPUB. PNG, JPG, etc.
● Annotate PDFs with extensive reviewing and commenting tools
● Protect files with password-based file encryption
● Easily share, print, read, organize, and optimize PDF files
● Perform text recognition in over 20 languages
● Convert, encrypt, and do other actions in bulk using the Batch Process feature

The real power in the new PDFelement Pro DC comes from its integration with Wondershare Document Cloud. Using the combined platform, you can do any of the following:

● Open a file in PDFelement and upload it directly to the cloud using the Share button and selecting Wondershare Cloud

put files in google drive

● Download a file from Document Cloud and have it open in PDFelement by choosing From Wondershare Cloud in the File → Open menu

put files in cloud

● Send a document from PDFelement to Document Cloud to initiate the PDF signing process using the Electronic Signature button in the Protect tab

send documents for signatures

Before We Say Goodbye…

Productivity tools like Google Drive and Wondershare Document Cloud help you avoid being tied down to a single computer or device. The cross-platform mobility you get allows you to work from anywhere and access your files on any device and from any location. You can also share access with others to create a highly collaborative environment. And when you add a powerful tool like PDFelement into the picture, you bring the best of desktop with the best of the cloud. This hybrid experience further enhances your efficiency because you have a robust tool at your ‘home base’ and a powerful cloud service at your disposal everywhere else. Try out this combination today and see what kind of positive impact it has on your overall performance.

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