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How to Send a File in Google Drive for Cloud Storage

2021-05-11 15:44:33 • by Jason Will

Learning the basics of how to send a file in Google Drive, how to send files to Google Drive from a phone, and how to send large files with Google Drive can make it easier for you to manage all your documents in one central location but still be able to access them from anywhere and on practically any device. Once you learn how to send documents to Google Drive from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, all you need is a browser installed on the device and a live Internet connection.

About Google Drive

Google Drive was launched less than 10 years ago, in April of 2012. In a short amount of time, it became one of the top cloud storage services in the world for individual users who had Google accounts. And then came Google Apps, known as G Suite since 2016. This created an ecosystem of cloud-based tools and applications first made famous by Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and then by a host of other products that followed these. As of today, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., says that there are over 2 billion G Suite users around the world. Are you one of them yet? Because sending files via Google Drive is a breeze.

How to Send File in Google Drive in a Browser

Most modern browsers work well with Google Drive. However, Google obviously recommends Chrome because it is part of the Google ecosystem of tools and integrates very deeply with all its productivity apps. Indeed, Chrome really is the best choice for Google users because of the interoperability of cloud applications on the Chrome platform. If you’re running Chrome, all you need to do is sign in to your Google account and you’re ready to get started.

how to send file in google drive

1. On the default home page of your Chrome tab, you’ll see a grid icon on the top right, which is nine dots placed in a grid format. Clicking this reveals a menu of Google applications. Choose Drive from here to launch Google Drive in a fresh tab.

how to send file through google drive

2. To upload files, you can either click the + New symbol on the top left or the tiny arrow to the right of My Drive at the top (not the folder on the left panel.) Doing this will show you several options, from where you can choose File Upload or Upload Files.

3. When your file manager application opens, navigate to your file and select it. Then click OK or Open to send the file to Google Drive. You’ll see the progress in a small window in the bottom-right corner of your Drive tab on the browser.

You have now successfully sent the file to Google Drive! Another way to do this is to drag the file from File Explorer or Finder, then toggle back to the Chrome tab with Drive open, and drop it there. The third method is to right-click anywhere in the Drive window to see the same menu as when you click + New or the My Drive arrow.

All these methods work on desktop devices. Now let’s look at how to send files to Google Drive from your smartphone or tablet.

How to Send File to Google Drive from a Phone or Tablet

To send a file to Google Drive on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to have the Drive app installed. You can find it in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. For Android devices, it should be there as a stock app on most devices. If not, you can get it from the Google Play Store. It’s free in either case. Once the app is installed, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Drive app by tapping on it. Assuming you’ve already added your Google account to the device and you’re signed in, you should be able to see a + symbol near the bottom of your screen. Tap that.

send file to google drive

2. You will now see a pop-up menu with Upload as one of the options. Tap that to go to your file navigation app.

3. Select the file to be sent to Google Drive and tap Upload again on that screen.

Pro Tip: You can also send a document to Drive from within the document or from an app that can handle that format. In all such cases, there should be a Share option in the extended menu. Tapping this will show Save to Drive as one of the options - again, that’s assuming the Google account is linked to the device. Even if it’s not, you’ll be prompted to sign in and give the required permissions. Tap Allow to grant the permissions and then tap Save. By default, it will be saved to the My Drive folder, from where you can move it to another folder in the Drive app.

What Next - What Can I Do After I Send a File to Google Drive?

Plenty! Google Drive is a versatile tool that allows you to open, preview, share, move, copy, delete, rename, and do a host of other things. They’re all outlined in this section below:

  • Open or Preview a file: If it’s a Google-compatible format or even MS format, Drive will be able to open the file and make it available for editing. If not, you’ll be able to preview the contents of the file.
  • Share a file: Sharing a file is as easy as going to the Share settings and assigning permissions to specific users. You can also set blanket permissions so anyone with the link can either view, comment on, or edit the file. You can also share a Google Drive folder the same way. Learning to send files through Google Drive is as simple as sharing a link.
  • Co-edit Drive-compatible documents: If the document is a Docs, Sheets, or Slides file or any format that can be opened and edited in Drive, anyone with the share link (with commenting or editing permissions) can work on the file.
  • Copy or Move a file: Files and folders can be moved, but only files can be duplicated to create a copy. The file or its copy can be moved to another folder in your Drive account.
  • Delete a File or Rename It: Files can be removed or send to trash. You can also change the name of any file in your Drive folders.
  • Other key actions: You can also do other things like make a file available to edit offline (it will sync later when your connection is live), generate a link or embed code to publish a file to a website, see, compare, and restore older versions of the file, translate the contents of an editable file, use add-ons, and so on.

Now that you have learned how to send a file to Google Drive, what about large files? Can they be uploaded to Drive in the same way? Yes, you can send large files through Google Drive by using a sharing link, but you need to be aware that large files will naturally occupy more space. You only have 15GB of free space, and Google will no longer offer free storage for photos and videos past 2021. That means you’ll need to upgrade to a paid option, and that’s something you should be aware of.

How to Upload to Wondershare Document Cloud - A Google Drive Alternative

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

Google Drive is great for most file types, but it doesn’t work very well with PDF files. There’s not much you can do once you send a PDF to Google Drive. There are add-ons to open and read them, but the PDF editors are pretty useless. Wondershare Document Cloud is part of a PDF-centric ecosystem that is designed specifically for PDF workflows. You can securely store all your PDF files, plus get the added advantage of the built-in electronic signature platform. Using the e-signing tool, you can generate electronic signatures, sign documents, and send PDF files to others to collect their signatures quickly and in a secure manner. There’s also a compatible tool to edit PDFs, which we’ll talk about in a subsequent section of this article.

How to Send File to Wondershare Document Cloud

1. Sign up for a free account and log in to the Wondershare Document Cloud portal in any modern browser.

how to send file using google drive

2. Look for the Upload Files button on the default Home tab and click it. This will open your file manager.

3. In the file manager, select the PDF file you want to upload and hit OK to confirm the selection. You can see the progress and the file will be visible in the Recent Document Activity list below the Upload Files button.

Actions to Perform After Uploading a File to Document Cloud

With the file safely stored on Wondershare’s cloud servers, you can execute any of the tasks shown below by clicking the … menu against any uploaded file:

send files through google drive

  • Open and view the PDF
  • Download the PDF to any device
  • Rename or Delete a PDF file
  • Signing Feature:
    First Option: The Request Signatures option lets you send a document to several people and get their signatures on the same document.
    Second Option: The Bulk Send feature can be used when you need several signers to sign their own individual copies of the file you send.

All users who receive the email notification for signing will get a secure link. When they click the link, it will take them to a browser tab where they can generate a fresh electronic signature and apply it to the document before sending it back to you. The platform also allows you to include yourself in the signing queue, set a specific signing order, customize your email message, add company branding elements, add a security code for added safety, and much more. The dashboard in the Home tab allows you to see the status of all documents awaiting signatures and those that have been completed.

PDFelement Pro DC: The Affordable Cloud-integrated Alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Fill forms and sign contracts

OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

The Wondershare ecosystem of PDF productivity tools can help you manage your PDF workflows from end to end. While Wondershare Document Cloud gives you the power of cloud storage and online e-signing for PDFs, PDFelement Pro DC offers the best of both worlds. In addition to being integrated with Document Cloud functionality, you can do a host of other things with PDF files, as shown below:

how to send files to google drive from phone

  • The comprehensive PDF reading tools give you multiple page view modes and easy scrolling and page jump features for a superior PDF reading experience.
  • Take control of PDF editing with easily accessible features to add, remove, or modify any existing element in a PDF file, whether it’s page numbering, images and other graphical elements, text content, footers/headers, watermarks, links, embedded media files, or anything else.
  • Review and comment on shared files with ease, adding notes, shapes, underlining, highlighting, etc. from the extensive markup tool kit at your fingertips.
  • Create PDFs from over 300 different file formats and still maintain the integrity of the content in terms of fonts, layouts, alignments, and other aspects.
  • Convert PDFs to other native formats like Word, Excel, ePub, HTML5, JPG, PNG, etc. so they can be edited in their own applications.
  • Protect your PDF files with strong encryption algorithms and passwords.
  • Handle forms with ease, filling, creating, and signing them. You can even transform a non-editable form into an editable one or extract form field data.
  • The advanced OCR function can recognize text in over 20 languages and convert it into a searchable or editable format with a great degree of accuracy and speed.
  • You can bulk-process files with the Batch Process feature and get through huge workloads in a short amount of time.
  • You can also organize files and PDF pages, print PDFs, and share files online.

In addition to all these great features, the new PDFelement Pro DC for Windows comes with a slicker interface, faster performance, new toolbars, fresh iconography, and much more intuitive navigation. Most importantly, it allows you to interact with Wondershare Document Cloud from within its interface in the following ways:

● Upload an open file from PDFelement to Document Cloud

send large files with google drive

You can do this using the Share button and choosing Wondershare Cloud as your share option. The file will automatically be uploaded to your cloud account and will be shown in the Recent Document Activity section of a new browser tab.

● Download a file from Document Cloud from within PDFelement

sending files via google drive

To fetch a file for editing, just hit File → Open → From Wondershare Cloud to launch a browser window and automatically log in to your cloud account, where you can choose the document to download. The document will open in PDFelement for editing and other actions.

● Send a PDF file for signing from PDFelement to Document Cloud

send to google drive

To send the current document for signing, you can click Electronic Signature in the Protect tab of PDFelement. This will launch your cloud login and take you to the Sign tab, where you can click Initiate and start the signature collection process.

How Do These Tools Help Your Company?

All of the tools showcased here today - Google Drive, Wondershare Document Cloud, and PDFelement Pro DC - can help you be more productive. The underlying factor is that they allow you to work from anywhere due to the multi-terminal nature of these applications. While Drive and Document Cloud are independent of the operating system, PDFelement is also available on other OS platforms including iOS, Android, and macOS. This cross-device capability makes it convenient for you and your teams to work from virtually anywhere in the world. Start creating or editing a file in one location, finish in another, and send it to a completely different location to someone else on the other side of the world. All this is possible with these powerful tools at your disposal.

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