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Learn How to Upload a PDF to Google Drive

2021-03-08 15:31:33 • by Jason Will

The PDF format is used across the globe as the preferred file type for businesses large and small. And if you learn how to upload PDF to Google Drive, you’ve practically solved the problem of storing files locally and others not being able to access them from other locations. The multi-terminal or cloud-based design of Google Drive allows for better collaboration and document workflows because it is available on any device with a supported browser and an active Internet connection.

How to Upload PDF to Google Drive on Different Devices

The process to upload PDF to Google Drive is essentially the same on all devices, but the interface and interactions required vary based on how the device accepts inputs. In other words, it works slightly differently depending on whether you’re using a keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen device like a phone or tablet. To see how to upload PDF to Google Drive, replicate the steps shown below:

Desktop and Laptop

1. In your browser (preferably Chrome), log into your Google account and go to the web page for Google Drive by clicking the nine-point grid icon on the top right-hand side of your screen.

how to upload pdf to google drive

2. In the contextual menu below, choose Google Drive to open this in a new tab.

upload pdf to google drive

3. To upload the file, either use the + symbol on the left or the small arrow next to the My Drave name at the top. Both options will display the menu options for New Folder, File Upload, Folder Upload, and other actions.

4. Select either File Upload or Folder Upload to launch File Explorer.

5. Choose the files or folder to be uploaded and click OK to import them into Google Drive. They will be visible in the My Drive folder when viewed on any device that’s logged into the same Google Account.

Tip: The easier way is to directly drag or copy files from File Explorer and then drop or paste them into an open Google Drive tab in your browser.

Phone and Tablet

The interface is obviously different on a mobile device like a phone or tablet, so the process is slightly different:

1. Launch the Drive app on your iOS or Android device by tapping the app icon. In Android, it will be available by default; for iPhone and iPad, you can download the app from the App Store.

how to upload pdf in google drive

2. Tap the + symbol that you see on the bottom right of your device’s screen.

3. In the pop-up menu, choose Upload.

4. Navigate to the file in your local memory and tap it. It will be uploaded to Google Drive.

Tip: Inside any PDF app or file manager app, you can also use the Share option and choose Google Drive as your medium of sharing. This option will be available if you have the Drive app installed and you are signed in to your Google account.

Now that you know how to upload PDF files to Google Drive, what next? What can you do with these PDF files once they’re in the cloud? That’s what the next section talks about.

What Actions Can I Perform on a PDF File After I Upload to Google Drive?

Google Drive comes with a comprehensive set of features to manage your Drive files. The preview function can be used to open and view files in a special preview window when viewing a folder’s contents. Alternatively, you can perform these actions by right-clicking a file or after you have it open in a Drive application such as Docs or Sheets. Unfortunately, since PDFs are not natively supported (except to preview) by Google Drive, opening a PDF will convert it to a Docs file that shows you the contents of each PDF page as an image rather than an editable PDF. However, you can certainly perform other actions, as follows:

  • Share with others as a link
  • Download to local memory
  • Copy or Move to another Drive location
  • Rename/Delete
  • Embed on the web using an embed code or link
  • Set permissions for other users to view, comment, or edit

If you need something more suited to handle your PDF needs, then you can consider using another cloud storage service that also has a built-in electronic signature feature - Wondershare Document Cloud.

How to Upload a PDF using Google Drive alternative

Wondershare Document Cloud

All System-supported Platform

Premium 100GB Cloud Storage

High-quality Electronic Signature

Continuously Updated Service

The Document Cloud multi-terminal experience from Wondershare offers a secure cloud environment to store your PDF files. Additionally, it contains a comprehensive electronic signature feature that allows users to create e-signatures, e-sign documents, use and create document templates, and send documents for signature collection in two different ways. The platform allows you to add branding, personalization, and other customized options to your PDF signature workflows. Whether it’s forms, contracts, agreements, or any other official documents, you can safely store them in the cloud and send them to multiple signers using a secure email link.

The upload process for Wondershare Document Cloud is straightforward:

1. Create an account at the Document Cloud website. This will be your Wondershare ID.

2. In the default Home tab view, click the Upload Files option to import files from your local drives.

how to upload pdf on google drive

3. Select the PDFs you need to upload in the File Explorer window and hit OK to upload to the cloud. You’re done!

What Can I Do After I Upload Files to Wondershare Document Cloud?

Once the PDF documents are in the cloud, you can access them from any device that has a modern browser installed and an active Internet connection. From this device, you can do the following actions after clicking the ‘…’ extended menu icon against the corresponding PDF file, as shown in the screenshot below:

how do you upload a pdf to google drive

  • Preview the file and read its contents
  • Download the file in case you need to send or edit it
  • Change the name of the PDF file
  • Remove the file from the cloud by deleting it
  • Send the document for signing in two ways:
    1. Signature Request - Use this option to get multiple electronic signatures on the same copy of the PDF file - ideal for contracts and documents that require multiple signatories
    2. Bulk Sign - Use this option to get separate signatures from different people on multiple copies of the same PDF file.

Wondershare Document Cloud provides a secure environment to store your official PDF documents, from where you can also send them to others in a secure manner for them to create and apply their electronic signatures. If you also need a PDF editor that seamlessly works with Wondershare Document Cloud, then you should definitely consider using PDFelement Pro DC

About PDFelement Pro DC for Windows

Wondershare PDFelement

Edit and annotate PDFs

Create and convert PDFs

Fill forms and sign contracts

OCR PDFs into editable text

Integrated with Document Cloud

This is the version that Windows users of PDFelement have been waiting for! PDFelement Pro DC is the latest edition of the hugely popular and highly affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It integrates the functionality of Wondershare Document Cloud within its interface. Aside from this crucial feature addition, it is also faster, more intuitive, and has a rich collection of tools for handling PDF documents and other file formats.

how to upload pdf file in google drive

Key Features of PDFelement Pro DC

  • Comprehensive PDF editing
  • Over 300 file types can be converted to PDF while retaining their original content attributes like alignment, layout, fonts, tables, graphs, etc.
  • Convert PDF into useful formats like MS Office files, HTML, images, and more
  • Secure your documents with password encryption and permission restrictions
  • Annotate documents when reviewing them, communicating clearly and effectively with other collaborators
  • Do everything with forms, including signing, filling, creating from templates or a blank document, converting non-editable forms to fillable PDFs, and even extracting form data into spreadsheet formats
  • Convert scanned PDFs into editable documents using OCR text recognition in over 20 different languages
  • Perform actions like encryption and file conversion in bulk using the Batch Process feature

Along with these powerful PDF tools, the new PDFelement Pro DC also comes with Document Cloud integration, allowing users to perform all these actions outlined below:

● Uploading the currently-open file to Document Cloud

how to upload pdf file to google drive

This process just requires you to click the Share option after you finish working on and saving a file locally. The Share menu has an option called Wondershare Cloud, and clicking that will automatically save your PDF file to Wondershare Document Cloud using your current PDFelement registration credentials

● Downloading and automatically opening a cloud-hosted PDF in PDFelement

how to upload a pdf on google drive

When working inside PDFelement, if you need to fetch a file from Document Cloud, just use the Open → From Wondershare Cloud menu option under the File menu to open your browser. Select your file and download it to your desktop, where it will automatically open in PDFelement. After you make the necessary changes, you can save it back to the cloud using the process outlined before this one.

● Initiating a signature process from the PDFelement interface

upload pdf to cloud

The signature process can be triggered by clicking Protect → Electronic Signature. This will open a browser tab and sign you into the Sign tab of your Document Cloud account, where you can start preparing the document for signature collection.

Summarizing What We Learned

So, you now know how to upload PDF to Google Drive on desktop and mobile devices, as well as a couple of great tools to manage PDF documents. Wondershare Document Cloud is a terrific standalone service if you’re only storing files and sending them for signing. Essentially, it can take care of all your signature workflow needs. And if you also require a robust PDF editor to create professional-looking PDF files, then PDFelement Pro DC for Windows with cloud integration is the perfect tool for you. Wondershare is dedicated to bringing professional tools at an affordable price to everyone who needs them - and making those tools simple enough for anyone to learn and start using in a matter of minutes. Try them today and transform your cloud storage strategy overnight.

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